Why visit Madrid in San Isidro?

In case you didn't know, San Isidro is the patron saint of Madrid and agriculture. Several miracles are attributed to him and he is very present in the traditions of the city.

In honor of its patron saint, the San Isidro festivities are held in Madrid every May. This is one of the most traditional and expected traditions. The capital is filled with red carnations and Manila shawls.

San Isidro in Madrid

As we have already said, San Isidro is the patron saint of the city. Therefore, these celebrations have mainly a religious character.

It was attributed to him, among other things, to be able to find water easily. Therefore, the program begins with a procession to the spring next to the hermitage of San Isidro, which dates from the twelfth century. There, the parishioners drink the holy water, which according to the locals, has miraculous properties.

The fountain remains open during some days. In addition, other activities are organized such as the Giants and Big-heads walk through the center of the city.

The meadow of San Isidro

This is the place where every year on May 15 a large number of visitors gather to eat in the meadow. In addition, there are attractions for children, with traditional dances. The meadow is located between the hermitage of San Isidro and the Manzanares River, in fact, Francisco de Goya immortalized the image in one of his sketches.

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The chulapos

The chulapos were initially related to working people and lower social classes of the capital in the second half of the nineteenth century. However, over time they were transformed into generic ways of referring to the most traditional Madrilenians.

The dress was established in 1860. Women, with a polka dot dress, manila shawl and headscarf with a red carnation. They, with vest, cap and neckerchief, with the touch of the carnation in the lapel.

The bullfighting fair of San Isidro

The patron saint festivities of Madrid or San Isidro festivities coincide with the most important bullfighting fair in the world. It is held in the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, attracting a large number of fans and onlookers from different parts of Spain.

Bullfights are held here for a month, as well as novilladas (bullfights with young bulls) and festejos de rejones (bullfights with bullfighters). They usually take place from May 10 to June 10. The posters are adorned with the most important figures of the moment, as well as the most renowned cattle ranches.

Concerts and popular dances

Popular music, as well as zarzuela concerts, flood the streets and squares of Madrid during these days. Although they take place in different places, the best places to celebrate and enjoy the tradition during these days are: Las Vistillas, Plaza Mayor and La Pradera, where every night activities take place.

In recent years, new activities have been added to attract younger audiences, such as Madrid Rio, independent music concerts and open-air dances.

While visiting Madrid at any time of the year is a wonderful experience, there is no doubt that during the celebration of San Isidro you can get to know its most authentic idiosyncrasy. You will be able to see first hand the most traditional and traditional face of the Spanish capital.